Creative Fun Magnets!

While on maternity leave (I only have 3 weeks left!) I decided to get going on my Christmas crafts.  I signed up for two craft shows this year; a small one the weekend before Thanksgiving and a larger one the weekend after.  I know that it’s only September but in the craft world that means I’m actually pretty far behind.  If you’ve ever walked into Hobby Lobby or Michaels around this time you may be surprised to see all the Christmas collections out, this is because us crafters need as much time as we can to get our products ready for sale!

After a particularly rough evening involving a sick 2-year-old and a colicky baby I’m surprised I actually have the energy to do this, but, here I am!

My project of choice are these adorable Christmas-themed magnets!


They are cheap and very easy to make.  They would be a great craft to do with any child over the age of five, probably not younger as it involves glue, precision and some strength.

You’ll need the following:

    1. Clear Glass Disks (found in the floral section of your craft store)
    2. Quick Dry adhesive – I used Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive and E6000® Craft Adhesive
    3. Craft Paper
    4. 3/4-inch magnets 
    5. 1-inch paper punch – I have a Creative memories circle punch

I started by choosing the clearest glass disks, free of  bubbles and smears.  (Check back later because I have another craft project for these “imperfect” baubles!!) The less foggy the disk, the better your image will appear.

Choosing the craft paper is my favorite part of this project!  Since scrapbooking has seemed to stand the test of time, it’s easy to find paper that fits your project theme!  (holidays, sports, hobbies, etc.) Again, I’m going with Christmas in preparations for craft shows.   I like to choose a pattern that already had a defined circular space like the paper below.

paperpaper punch

Tip:  Turn your circle puncher over in order be able to see what you’re punching.  It takes a little more effort in the “punching” department but it ensures that you are punching what you want without having to guess!  I know this sounds obvious, but believe me it took some time for me to realize that was an option. 

I used just a dab of adhesive and centered the paper punch on the flat side of my glass marble.  Be sure to gently move the paper around to spread out the adhesive.  You want to be sure the glue is even so it dries clear and free of bumps and bubbles.

I let these dry about an hour before adding my magnet.  I tried adding the magnet right away but ended up with paper that slipped and a few “oops’s” – Better just to be patient to get it right the first time.  After the allotted time, I used the E3600 adhesive to attach the magnets.  These tend to slip and slide so I carefully flipped them over and let them dry magnet side down.

The result, after about another hour of drying, are these adorable magnets!  I am going to sell these at the craft show for $.50 each and bundle a few up to sell as a set.  I’ll let you know how they sell!



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